Simply Connect in Exeter

Phase 1 trials of the Simply Connect small vehicle transport scheme successfully completed in Exeter on June 16th 2017. This service commenced on April 25th 2017. The service was supported by a grant from Exeter City Futures. We were using a vehicle also supplied by Exeter City Futures and were able to test our customer proposition, technology, communications and recruitment process, as well as gain valuable feedback from stakeholders and users. All of this information is now being evaluated and considered. During this period we carried several hundred journeys using a set of users based largely around Oxygen House in the east of the City.

We had originally intended to move from the Phase 1 pilot directly into a full scheme in Exeter, but now still need to consider some issues about vehicle size, licences and funding opportunities before proceeding. We expect to have addressed these issues in the coming few weeks and then restart a renewed service.

We would like to thank all of our users, stakeholders and others in the Exeter community who have provided amazing levels of support, encouragement and advice and made this Phase 1 trial a success. We believe that Simply Connect's service has a real future in Exeter and look forward to returning to the city with our updated service.

Neil Brown, CEO of Simply Connect said, “by taking the initiative and enabling Simply Connect to come to Exeter and launch our pilot, Exeter City Futures has showed real innovation and ambition. They have been an excellent partner and allowed us to learn so much. We look forward to returning with a bigger and better scheme shortly.”

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