Getting Started with Simply Connect

Welcome to Simply Connect! These pages will walk you through the main features of Simply Connect. But first, a brief look at who and what Simply Connect is for.

What and who is Simply Connect for?

Simply Connect is designed to help make transport services more efficient and easier to manage. When we say transport services, we mean anything from fully public transport (buses, etc) to private membership-only transport organisations, such as those providing organised transport for elderly or disabled passengers, or members of an organisation or club.

My organisation runs a flexible transport service

If you run a flexible transport service, the chances are it runs somewhat along the following lines:

Your passengers book journeys by directly contacting you one or more days in advance of when they want to travel. Every day, you then put together a route and timetable for each of your vehicles so as to pick up and drop off all the passengers who want to travel.

If this is the case, Simply Connect can support your operation in multiple ways: it can help you manage bookings, billing and record-keeping; as well as providing automated messaging with both passengers and drivers and giving real-time visibility of the state of your transport system. What’s more, it has the ability to fully and dynamically manage pick-up and drop-off schedules for you – taking this repeated planning task off your hands with its advanced (but optional) automatic scheduling mode.

My organisation runs public buses or a fixed-timetable private service

If you’re running a bus company or other transport service that has vehicles running to fixed schedules and on fixed routes, consider the following: whilst in cities, the high population density helps fixed-schedule services run efficiently and profitably, in rural and suburban areas this can be a different story.

If you find your services are running at low capacity, we invite you try out Simply Connect’s Demand Responsive Transport solution, which will help you move one or more fixed routes to flexible services. Your passengers will be able to book journeys for immediate or future travel using our passenger app; whilst our automatic scheduling mode will dynamically route your vehicle(s) to pick-up and drop-off passengers in an efficient manner.

What’s next?

On the next page, we’ll give an overview of the different components of Simply Connect and how they fit together to help your business or organisation.