Set up Simply Connect in your area

By continuing, you can create an organisation account, which allows you to set up Simply Connect in your area.

Invitation Required

Whilst anyone can sign up for a passenger account, when you create your own location with Simply Connect we currently need to approve your email address.

Therefore, to use the form below, you must have requested access to create a new organisation account, either through the passenger app or by directly contacting Simply Connect.

If you've come here from the passenger app, the chances are your email address has already been approved to create a new location.

If you're not sure if you've requested access, you can always try the form below. If it says that you have not been invited, get in touch with us at

Mobile Devices

By continuing, you will create and set up a new location using the management console.

The management console is designed for laptops and desktops only. If you are on a mobile device or tablet, please type the URL in the blue box below into your laptop or desktop computer's browser.