Passenger App

The passenger app is designed for immediate use by passengers, and as such it needs very little introduction. However, we wanted to draw your attention to a few important elements.

To access the passenger app, visit

Demonstration Location

As mentioned, when you sign up in the passenger app, you’re asked to choose which location you want to use Simply Connect in. So that you can try out the passenger app, we’ve created a demonstration location, Tenerife. You can book and cancel journeys to your heart’s content within this demonstration location, without having to pay for them.

Time Zone

Remember that the times shown in the passenger app are all in the local time zone of the location. For the demonstration location of Tenerife, this means that all times are expressed in Western European Time (or Western European Summer Time) – which may or may not be the same time zone as your phone or computer uses. If your device’s time zone is different, you’ll see a warning when setting journey time requirements.

Search for Places

As with the time zone, the location search when booking journeys is limited to places within the location the account is using. In the case of the demonstration location, this means that searching for major worldwide cities might not return the results you were expecting.

A search for ‘London’ within the demonstration location might not return the result you were expecting.

Of course, if you wish, you can create your own location in the south of England that includes London the city. But while using the demonstration location, if you haven’t been to this beautiful Spanish island and need some suggestions for where to book journeys from and to, here are some ideas:

Try booking journeys from/to San Cristobal de la Laguna, Buenavista del Norte, Adeje, or anywhere else on the island.

Adding a Card

After opening an account on the passenger app in the demonstration location, you might find you’re asked to add a bank card to your account.

“You said I wouldn’t be charged for booking journeys in the demonstration location… so why am I being asked to add a card?!”

Don’t worry! You see the prompt to add a card because – as we will see when we look at the Management Console’s location settings – each location can set how it wants to be able to accept payments for journeys. For the demonstration location, we’ve chosen to accept ‘card payments’ and in-vehicle cash payments. You can see the full range of payment options available to locations once we get to the management console. For now, you can do one of two things with the ‘Add a card’ prompt:

  1. Ignore it. Since the demonstration location’s settings also allow in-vehicle cash payments, you can go ahead and book a journey without adding any card details. Once you get to the journey confirmation stage, you’ll only be offered the option to pay in the vehicle with cash.
  2. Add a test card. Please do not add real card details. As we’ll again see when we look at the Management Console, locations start with payments in test mode, and live payments can be enabled later.

Follow the instructions in the app to add a test card to your account if you wish.

Screen Size

The passenger app is designed primarily to be used on mobile devices. That said, it works perfectly well from laptop or desktop computers – you can still use it if you don’t have your mobile to hand.

Over to You

Other than that, go ahead and try it out. Create an account, book a journey, and watch your imaginary vehicle approaching!

What’s next?

We recommend you try out the passenger app using the button above before continuing. On the next page, we’ll look at the management console.