What is Simply Connect?

Simply ConnectTM is a commercial, demand-driven approach to MaaS (Mobility as a Service), based on public transport principles which is designed to deliver mass-market travel for the many short, routine (but variable), often functional, journeys we all make, at just above the cost of a bus.

Professionally-driven, shared, small vehicles offer near door-to-door travel, booked at minimal notice, with 'whole journey' performance and quality equivalent to the private car. These 'small vehicle' services are integrated to existing services and modes through a multi-modal platform, which may also be integrated to non-transport activities and systems.

Users do not have to fit their mobility into – so plan their lives around – fixed schedules. Each journey demand is scheduled, tracked and managed to its successful completion. System design enables everyone to use Simply Connect, irrespective of ICT skills, social inclusion or physical accessibility.

System design enables closely defined personalisation of each user's needs and preferences – and directly facilitates locally-defined social or environmental policy objectives within each personal journey selection option.

Simply Connect comprises a network of mutually-owned local 'Mobility Integrator Companies', each of which directly engages with public authorities, with existing 'players' in the transport sector, and with 'trip-ends' (journey destinations). Business structures and use of open-source ICT each allow flexible delivery appropriate to local circumstances.

Simply Connect offers public transport for suburban areas and smaller towns, and for orbital travel around towns and cities: the places and journeys where buses struggle to be viable. As a 'connected system', Simply Connect offers a widely usable application for Smart Cities.

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