Simply Connect Components - An Overview

If you’re new to our software, you might notice that the software is split up into several different components. Several of these components are aimed at different end users, but it’s important to understand how they all work together to form one whole system.

This page takes a run through the different components and who is expected to use each, while subsequent pages focus on each individual component.

System Components

The basic components are shown in Table 1 below. It can seem complex at first, but once you start to use each component it becomes clear how all the parts fit in together to form a whole system.

ComponentDescriptionWho uses it
Passenger app A Progressive Web App that allows passengers to book and manage journeys.

Passengers can also sign up for your transport service using Simply Connect, communicate with your system administrators (or with Simply Connect staff if you choose this option), and manage their account settings and communication preferences from the passenger app.
Driver app An Android app, built for Android tablets, that tells drivers who they’re picking up or dropping off next, gives voice navigation between one uplift point and the next, and manages the process of passengers getting into – and out of – vehicles.Drivers
Admin app An application for a Windows computer. The admin app provides a system administrator (someone responsible for overseeing vehicle operations from an office) with a view of where all the vehicles are, where they’re going, who’s in them, who’s about to be in them, and lots of other information.

The admin app also allows a system administrator to create new passengers or drivers, send messages to passengers or drivers via a variety of means, and, of course, book journeys for passengers.
System administrators
Management console The management console is where you manage your entire organisation. You use the management console to create and manage locations. There’s more about locations on the next page, but in short they are geographical areas where you run (or plan to run) a transport system.

As well as helping you create locations, the management console allows you to change a variety of settings that are specific to each location. It also allows you to manage your organisation-wide settings (even if you have more than one location within your organisation).

The management console also contains the simulator. The simulator simulates multiple passengers booking various journeys, and multiple drivers ‘driving’ along the road to carry passengers. It is useful because it allows you to try out the full functionality of Simply Connect, as well as experiment with different configurations, without wasting time and money driving around the countryside.

Note: The management console is separate to the admin app because it is aimed at managing things from a higher level perspective. Whereas the admin app is for detailed day-to-day administration of a particular location, the management console gives higher-level system settings across all locations that your organisation has, and as such is geared more towards organisation owners than day-to-day administrators.
Organisation managers
Table 1: System Components

What’s next?

On the next page, we’ll stop briefly to look at a couple of bits of important terminology, before continuing on subsequent pages to look at each of the above components.